How the British royals relish their afternoon tea; know all about the do’s and don’ts

Since afternoon tea may be very new to most of you, Mark Hepton, resident afternoon tea expert at The Cairn Collection’s Stoke Place Hotel, lays down the details to master and enjoy an afternoon tea like a royal, reports the Daily express.

“While there are lots of savings and sweet treats to sample at an afternoon tea, it’s royal etiquette to try each of the sandwiches first then move on to the rest,” he shares.

Explaining how a scone is eaten, he says, “According to royal experts, at an afternoon tea the cream should always be spread on the scone first, followed by the jam.”

“Avoid talking with your mouth full or taking large bites.

“While it sounds like a no-brainer, small bites for food are key to royal afternoon tea etiquette,” he adds.

Furthermore the expert explains, “If you need to leave the table, always place your napkin on the chair and never on the table until you are finished with your tea service.”

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