Hindu Man Killed In Public In Hyderabad, Allegedly By Muslim Wife’s Family

Hyderabad: Nagaraju and Syed Ashrin Fathima had married against the wishes of their families.


A young man on his way home on a bike with his wife was beaten to death with an iron rod by two men last evening in Hyderabad. The police suspect the man, B Nagaraju, was killed by relatives of his wife Syed Ashrin Fathima. Two of her brothers have been named as the accused and the police have formed special teams to arrest them.

Nagaraju is seen lying on the road, his head bashed in, in a horrific mobile phone video recorded by witnesses. Fathima is seen lunging at the attacker, who tries to hit Nagaraju even though he is lying quite still. Witnesses then rush to hit the attacker.

Nagaraju and Fathima had married against the wishes of her family. They had known each other since Class 10. In January, they were married at an Arya Samaj temple in the old quarters of Hyderabad.

Fathima had changed her name to Pallavi after the wedding. Her family had allegedly threatened Nagaraju and had told him to stay away from her.

On Wednesday evening, Nagaraju and Fathima had just left their home when two men blocked their bike at Saroornagar.

The men attacked the young couple with an iron rod and hit Nagaraju repeatedly, in full public view. Nagaraju reportedly died on the spot.

The attackers fled but they were caught on security cameras and mobile phone videos recorded by witnesses on the road.

Local BJP activists protested against the killing, which has caused some tension in the area.

“A person was killed by two persons. The deceased was traveling on a bike with his wife. They got married recently and both belonged to different communities. Brothers of the deceased’s wife today assaulted Nagaraju and then attacked him with a rod and killed him on the spot, “said Sreedhar Reddy, a police officer.

According to news agency PTI, Fathima told reporters that five people had attacked her husband on the road. She also said she had known Nagaraju for over 11 years.

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