Free Fire redeem code for today (3 May): Get free MP40

Free Fire redeem codes are often regarded as the most effective method to get in-game items. While these codes often reward gamers with a gun crate, they may include other exclusive items varying from bundles to permanent skins.

This makes it an appealing choice, at the very least, for non-spending gamers, who will receive a premium item within minutes. In any case, users should note down the expiration date for the code, as gamers will not be able to use it once it has turned invalid.

Note: Free Fire is banned in India, and users from the country should avoid playing the battle royale title. They may instead play the MAX versionwhich is not banned yet.

Free Fire redeem code for 3 May 2022

This is the crate accessible via the Free Fire redeem code (Image via Garena)
This is the crate accessible via the Free Fire redeem code (Image via Garena)

Redeem code: HEN2EERBRZ3N

Rewards: 1x Winterlands Weapon Loot Crate

The gun skin will not be distributed directly to players. They will need to open the weapon loot box to receive a free random weapon skin from the Winterlands set. The available options are:

  • MP40 – Winterlands
  • SPAS12 – Winterlands
  • Groza – Winterlands
  • M14 – Winterlands

It is crucial to remember that these skins may be permanent or temporary, depending on their luck.

Players can find more Free Fire redeem codes here.

Note: This code is designed to be used by players on the European server. Due to the server limitations, only those gamers belonging to this particular server are eligible to get the rewards. All other players will encounter an error informing them that the code cannot be used in their region.

Steps to use the Free Fire redeem code

After finding a working redeem code, it is not very difficult for gamers to acquire the items. They may easily access the Rewards Redemption Site and redeem it to collect the rewards. In case of ambiguity, individuals may follow the exact instructions listed below:

Step 1: Players can access the official website to use the redeem code on any web browser of their choice. Alternatively, they can also use this link to visit it.

Step 2: Subsequently, gamers should sign in to their account on the Rewards Redemption Site.

Guest account users will not be eligible to get the rewards. They will have to bind their account to one of the options before accessing the webpage.

Sign in on the redemption site of the game (Image via Garena)
Sign in on the redemption site of the game (Image via Garena)

Step 3: Individuals can paste HEN2EERBRZ3N in the text field and click the confirm button. A dialog box informing the users about the rewards; click the ok button.

Step 4: Rewards will be sent to the mailbox within 24 hours of the successful redemption. Players should collect the loot crate and open it to receive the skin.

Since the code is working now, players are advised not to miss out on the gun crate. This minor crate costs them a few diamonds when purchased through the store.

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