Chris Jericho claims to have filed a restraining order against AEW’s Eddie Kingston

Chris Jericho has taken to Twitter to berate his AEW rival Eddie Kingstongoing so far as to claim he has filed for a restraining order.

Jericho has been at war with the Mad King since AEW Revolution. The two faced off at the event after weeks of back-and-forth with Santana and Ortiz caught in the middle. After Kingston defeated Y2J, Jericho went back on his word and refused to shake the hand of his foe.

Following the Revolution, Jericho turned to the dark side and debuted his new faction, The Jericho Appreciation Society. With Daniel Garcia and 2point0 by his side, the former AEW Champion has made it his mission to destroy both Eddie Kingston and Proud & Powerful.

The rivalry continued this week as the JAS patriarch took to Twitter with a claim that he’d filed a restraining order against his rival:

No surprise… because you sir ARE a goon. I’ve also filed a restraining order. Stay home Kingston. And say hi to your wife for me… ..…

While Kingston is still recovering from Jericho’s fireball attack, fans know that it will take a lot more than a restraining order to keep him away. Meanwhile, Jericho took the fight to Santana during this past week’s Dynamite, defeating his former Inner Circle stablemate in just under 10 minutes.

Eddie Kingston called Chris Jericho during this week’s AEW Rampage

Kingston has not been seen since the April 27th episode of Dynamitewhen the JAS attacked the Mad King with a fireball backstage.

Earlier that night, the two factions had met in the ring. It was stipulated prior to their meeting that should anyone lay a finger on anyone else, there would be severe repercussions from Tony Khan himself.

The segment saw Kingston refrain from physical contact, instead making use of his words to get to his nemesis. Jericho finished the segment visibly taken aback, but his attack would later put the JAS on top come the end of Dynamite.

Having been absent from TV, Kingston phoned into Rampage as Y2J fulfilled his role as color commentator. The Mad King promised to bring a world of hurt to his rival after the fireball attack, no doubt prompting Jericho to file the restraining order.

Meanwhile, the Jericho Appreciation Society head into this week’s Dynamite to make a victory speech after Le Champion’s win over Santana.

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