Thursday Night Football FanDuel Select: NFL DFS Guide for Weeks 4 Jaguars-Bengals One Game

This is the last week that Thursday Night Football is broadcast on the NFL Network. Those with early packages may feel like the NFL has helped them after watching the Jaguars-Bengals’ matchup, but for those who are competitive and who live in regular competitions, the game is the same as everyone else – and there’s a lot to enjoy. “Too much” may be forcing it, but there are a few players we look forward to watching and including in our FanDuel single game series. Bengal opened up as 7.5 points with a total of 45, so the idea is to take care of the business this week, which is why our NFL DFS decisions have a bit of Bengal.

Before we make a choice, here are the basic rules for FanDuel competitions: All “MVP” points are multiplied by 1.5, but they do not pay extra as “Captain” in the DraftKings Showdown competition. FanDuel’s consistent writing is Half-point PPR and more than four TDs, and there it is no bonuses on 100/300-yard games like DraftKings.

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FanDuel Game One DFS Game Select: Jaguar vs. Bengals

$ 60,000 budget, requires one player per team

MVP (1.5x points): RB Joe Mixon, Bengals ($ 14,000)

Mixon sees a 54.8% strike for Bengal touch. He posted 23 FanDuel points in Week 1 and is expected to restart the 20-plus-point portion of the game.

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FLEX: WR Ja’Marr Chase, Bengals ($ 12,500)

Chase proves himself to be the best receiver in the team, with about 20 yards in grip on his 11 appearances and will soon be able to control a much larger portion than a pie piece of 21.9%. Although he has few goals, he has hit four times. Tee Higgins (shoulder) did not try on Tuesday, putting his doubts Thursday night down. Higgins who are absent or confused may put a lot on the Chase plate.

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FLEX: RB James Robinson, Jaguars ($ 12,000)

Robinson saw 43 runs this season and 5.9 yards per clip. After a slow start, Robinson released a 22.4 FD score in Week 3. We will have the opportunity to work with him on Thursday night.

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FLEX: WR Marvin Jones Jr., Ma Jaguar ($ 11,500)

Revenge game! All jokes aside, Jones leads the team with 28 goals and has been more effective than DJ Chark ($ 10,500), earning 60.7% chance compared to Chark’s 51.3%. They are also bound by Chark for the team to lead (2). There’s nothing wrong with getting into the second row with Chark if you want to cover your foundation.

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FLEX: WR Tyler Boyd, Bengals ($ 10,000)

Boyd is not as strong as his running mate, but is leading the Bengals with 19 goals and will continue to tackle heavy loads while Higgins are close.

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