This Day of Coming Comes to Michigan as Relatives Work Behind the Scenes to Focus on Election Deception

A guest from Dr. Rebecca Behrends, vice president of research for Michigan Citizens ’Choices of Integrity at MC4EI. It was first published in American Thinker.

Shared with permission by 100% Fat – Vaccination case full of all the issues. Government agencies and Big Pharma are concerned about how they will respond and drop. WHO has declared it one of the world’s most dangerous diseases. But there are other delays that are very important to the health and well-being of our country, and that is a fraudulent investigation into elections. This is a problem that plagues Republican lawmakers and creates party members.

What part of “electoral security” do they not understand? Heritage journalists have confirmed that the 2020 elections are the safest in history. Instead, it was a very cheap choice.

Recently released, a report within the TCF Center in Detroit on the 2020 election, author Phil O’Halloran investigates in detail the violation of electoral laws and regulations in Michigan, serious security violations, irregularities, threats, insults and harassment of GOP opponents. O’Halloran was present at the TCF Center and was a witness to the incident. This report is coming from Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity.

The response of Republican Michigan lawmakers in charge of the State House and the Senate has been alarming and AWOL’s worst case scenario. Michigan nationals who are carefully listening have experienced grief at the death of an angry man in their beloved country. It’s a fun time to “knock down this wall” to make a voice like a king on the President Reagan? What about “This will not happen” salvo from George HW Bush to Saddam Hussein? Nowhere.

Instead, we have Republicans who try to explain the TCF debacle by saying on both sides (McBroom Report, see page 13) he was very angry and nothing could be done. You know, kids are going to be kids! Child psychologists understand that the term giving a child a “Get Out of Prison Free” without responsibility or consequences. And this is what Michigan Republican MPs gave to Democrat staff and election officials at the TCF Center on election day.

Many Republican lawmakers do not see the need for legal research in Michigan. He hides from NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) who have signed off on any evidence they can see from the TCF Center in Detroit. They do not use their power to ask for more information from election officials in Detroit such as the box office video game, with the help of the Zuck Bucks. They ignore the amount of affidavits issued by GOP opponents, all of which confirm local violations and fraud. He neglects to summon Republican rallies to the state capitol to force action. They put their fingers in the air to see the way the audit wave was blowing in the hope that it would not blow their way!

Arizona journalists confirm Biden’s victory. It didn’t do that, but the blind reporters just saw the “hands” part of the elephant and ran with it. Michigan’s attorney’s response was, “Whew, no fake tsunami is coming!” Just a storm in the teapot.

Republican founder The work of Lincoln led the worldwide work torture lawyers representing Republicans or the Trump campaign. Two Republican Michigan Board of Canvasser activists sought to withdraw their credentials from election results after harassment, intimidation and harassment. Any lawyer who wanted to help them defend themselves had to think carefully. Threats against them and their families. In the meantime, peace has come from Michigan lawmakers, who are expected to play a key role in the election process.

It has been said that Republicans eat their children, while Democrats lose their children. For Republicans to ignore or reject the claims of their party members is unethical. Democrats, too, have their own problems, and stealing the election and fraudulent practices in their groups.

In the end, everyone suffers if we do not have a strong commitment to the rule of law.

This issue is much deeper than the electoral issues. We will no longer be influenced by the so-called “obedience of the unrighteous.” Clay Christensen, a former professor of business at Harvard, discussed this in an inspiring video religious freedom. If we do not have a group of citizens who are willing to support the good without being forced to do so, we will not have enough lawyers, police, or judges to deal with the consequences.

As a result, somewhere in the cemetery in Detroit, the Moral Outrage is in the cemetery, where no one comes to visit or lay flowers. The case has been closed, according to Republicans and Democrats. But the day of reckoning will come as long as Michigan’s courageous patriots continue to search for truth and justice. Ben Franklin says, “Justice will not be done until those who are not affected are as angry as they are.”

Rebecca Behrends, MD is a retired ED physician and is the vice president of research for Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity at

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