‘Shrilling’: China cites Mao in attack on Taiwan’s foreign minister | Political News

The Chinese office in China has slammed Joseph Wu for calling him a ‘dirty’ fly.

China has infuriated Taiwan’s foreign minister, prompting transitional leader Mao Zedong to call him a “fly” seeking to strengthen Taiwan’s global presence.

Joseph Wu, Taiwan’s only self-governing minister and fluent Englishman, is an advocate for the island’s response to the Chinese crisis, which Taiwan claims to be its own, and is frequently featured on international forums and on the radio.

In a lengthy reprimand Thursday, China’s Chinese ministry said Wu was an “anti-human rights activist” in Taiwan who had deceived “lies” on the island.

He wrote a poem by Mao in 1963, The River All Red, which was critical of the Soviet Union and the United States.

“All forms of independence in Taiwan are flies that are whining and whining and whining,” said the Beijing office in Taiwan.

The Taiwanese Foreign Ministry said the attack was “inappropriate” to respond.

However, the Mainland Affairs Council in Taiwan, which articulates China’s policy, was very strong, describing it as “insult and harassment”.

“This kind of atrocity, which has never happened in other countries, only shows disobedience to the rules of the anti-Taiwan movement on the other side of the Taiwan Strait and far from the civilized people,” the council said.

China has intensified its military and political repression in an effort to force the democratic island to accept Chinese rule.

Taiwan will defend its rights and democracy.

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