Roger Stone: Sussman’s Case Is Iceberg’s Advice In State Officials To Make Me

Author Roger Stone of RealClearPolitics

Understanding the consequences of John Durham’s recent plot to assassinate the recently renowned Democratic judge and Perkins Coie’s Michael Michael Sussmann requires a way to revive one of the worst examples of magic in American history.

Perkins Coie is a Seattle-based international law firm that represented Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign. Sussmann was recently arraigned by the Supreme Court on the evidence presented by Durham. The case is being falsely accused by the FBI of trying to mislead investigators into alleged alleged links between the Trump administration and the Russian bank.

His subsequent claims would be untrue.

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It now appears that Jake Sullivan, Clinton’s longtime ally who is still serving as White House security adviser, as well He lied to FBI agents about the fraud that Sullivan, Sussmann and others had just fabricated a “connection” between a Russian bank and Donald Trump’s agencies.

May I ask, will the 29 FBI weapons detectives meet at Jake Sullivan’s home early in the morning to arrest him? That’s what happened to me. Or the FBI will ask the OAN to photograph only this – as the FBI allowed CNN to do so when I was arrested.

Do not hold the air.

The United States Department of Justice, the office of Special Adviser Robert Mueller’s Office, and their ambitious journalists have set up all of them, as a pretext to investigate the so-called “Russian fraud,” that the Democratic National Committee was the victim of cyberbullying. stolen which is submitted to WikiLeaks for publication.

The New York Times and Washington Post reported that US intelligence agencies had “great confidence” that Russia’s DNC embezzlement had dropped exactly as Democrats, DOJ, FBI, and CIA had claimed.

Only later will we know that a few of the government-sponsored agencies have adopted this teaching.

These however illegal my verdict was in the representation of my trial court held by Mueller, although my trial attorney denied the opportunity to explain this by submitting legal evidence and other technical evidence. The government and the media insist that DNC ​​robberies perpetrated by “Russian citizens” “were encouraged by Guccifer 2.0.”

The government has not provided any concrete evidence to prove this and I believe that “Guccifer 2.0” is the creator of US intelligence. Initially, a Romanian robber used a registered program for an employee of the Democratic National Committee.

If you are purchasing government news – unsupervised by “investigative journalists” – that “Guccifer 2.0” has stolen DNC and provided stolen data to WikiLeaks, I urge you to read it zanga assess this for what they want.

It is more likely that “Guccifer 2.0” is the former CIA director John Brennan’s than Russian intelligence.

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The reporters have a page date on the flawless updates I have with “Guccifer 2.0” on Twitter. Of course the 24-word meeting took place Months later WikiLeaks had already published DNC material, and that what we are sharing is good, it did not mean anything to the gossipers who describe the politics of the media in the media.

Convinced, Robert Mueller wrote a report in The Washington Post affirming that he was under “supervision of the Russian police.” But I have no reason to believe that “Guccifer 2.0” is really useful in Russia, and if Mueller did, he would not have testified in court or in America.

As far as they know, the connections they mention came after him, was innocent and was charged at the time. And its extravagant use makes it clear to any discerning and impartial journalist that all of Mueller’s inquiries were flawed.

The headline that Mueller did was that I was “a convicted felon and I should be.” Instead, the complete and unlimited pardon that President Trump canceled is my argument.

My upcoming book, “Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong: My Political Persecution & Loss of the 2020 Election,” details the Mueller’s flaws: covering Saudi and 9/11 connections, blasting the 2001 eagles, his role in sending uranium samples to in Russia, and “cold“Hiding – that’s the federal judge’s case, and not mine – of the Boston massacre in which FBI agents executed four men to cover up the crimes of the perpetrators.

Personally, the FBI has been forced to admit in court that it did not monitor the Democratic National Committee’s computer system and that the alleged hijackings were based on a report. by Songs of Malawi, the third IT research firm that Michael Sussmann wrote.

The government did everything in its power to ensure that the CrowdStrike report went without delay in my trial and in the press. Perkins Coie’s friend Mark Elias appeared in my case on behalf of the DNC to discuss with U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson that my lawyers should not be given a CrowdStrike report.

He did not need to be absolutely convinced. During the 55-minute trial I was given, the judge deceived me for having the courage to question the validity of Mueller’s investigation and said that I had been “accused of secretly hiding Donald Trump” – which I was not charged with or sentenced to do.

After the FBI’s strange admission that it had never seen DNC servers begin to attract journalists did everything nonsense that I have “threatened” Judge Jackson to become a media outlet. I can’t believe this just happened by chance.

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I believe that Ministry of Justice officials have seen fit to silence me, lest I change their minds about false investigations based on unprecedented online fraud.

That’s my opinion. But what is true – the written story – is that Jackson used this for the gag system told me (and all my family members!) so that I can not inquire about all of Mueller’s research.

And although the CrowdStrike report was kept to date, documents in which former DNI Rick Grenell uncovered sworn evidence of CrowdStrike’s CEO and attorney general admitted that their report, contained no evidence that “Russians” had defrauded the DNC.

Judge Jackson also denied my lawyers’ request to have Mueller’s entire report filed in his defense. Instead, they recognized the roles my lawyers were allowed to have.

We later learned that Judge Jackson had failed to provide us with a revised version of Mueller’s Report. he agreed that he had not found “true” evidence against Russia’s fraud, the WikiLeaks deal or the fraud and publication of John Podesta’s emails.

The misuse of Mueller’s final report was not identified until November 3, 2020, when the DOJ was forced by a court to release portions of Mueller’s Report that would have undermined my conviction.

Surprisingly, Mueller’s report confirmed that even after finding out that I was affiliated with WikiLeaks – which he did not – there would be no case:

“The Office’s determination not to donate money to WikiLeaks or Stone as part of the Section 1030 conspiracy was also reflected in the legal provisions imposed by the plaintiffs.

Under the decision of the Supreme Court in Bartnicki v. Vopper, 532 US 514 (2001), First Amendment protects the party’s distribution of illegal means of communicating personal information, even when the publishing parties know or have reason to know the intercepts’ origins are illegal. ”(Page 178, Special Counsel Report)

The absence of any part or information about WikiLeaks and the DNC e-mail publications clearly proves that I had no intention of falsely testifying and swearing in Congress and would have undermined all federal grounds for “lying to Congress” against me.

On the contrary, everything I swore before the House Intelligence Committee was irrelevant. Nothing I said was made to cover up anything that happened because there was no case of hiding. President Trump was right – the whole thing was a fraud.

My guess is that it looks like that for the Russian people, too.

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During my trial, Mueller’s lawyers promised the judge that they would present the evidence against me in the Russian case, but there was no evidence.

Like the well-known Steele dossier whom the FBI used the FBI to launch an “Russian” initial investigation, the CrowdStrike report was a false idea to undermine the FBI and US law enforcement agencies against other people for political reasons only.

This, instead of Watergate, is a misuse of one power in American history, a misuse of power that no one has ever ruled or punished. Perhaps Mr. Sussmann will be the beginning.

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