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Now that Britney Spears’ father Jamie has been suspended soon, the singer could be a free woman for two months.

Britney streams, 39, ali legally a free woman. 13-year-old singer care and one step closer to dealing with such good Judge Brenda J. Penny stopped his father Jamie Spears, 69, dated September 29.

In line with a recent court ruling, Spears’ parent has been replaced John Zabel, a publicly acclaimed historian to assume Britney’s financial responsibilities. Family counsel Sabrina Shaheen Cronin, co-founder and co-director of The Cronin Law Firm, JD, MBA, says the singer’s singing ends at the end of the next meeting in November, based on notes Jamie is forced to submit.

Britney Spears2016 MTV Video Music Awards, Arrivals, Madison Square Garden, New York, USA – 28 Aug 2016

“Now Jamie is suspended as supervisor, no longer has the right or ability to make decisions on behalf of Britney. Instead, they will force him to hand over power to John Zabel, an accountant, who is now in charge of Britney’s finances, “explains Sabrina.” in furthering Britney’s interest; This is the case, until the hearing of the case in November when the Judge reconsidered the case and ruled on whether the case should be terminated. ”

In the meantime, Britney’s surviving fathers will not be able to manage their daily lives in any way and will be forced to provide any information about them. Strong The singer’s life of 13 years in John’s custody, which will probably go to court for further investigation.

Explains Sabrina: “The letters contained a lot of information about Britney, including the things she spent on her finances, her finances and her total cost as well as her debts and debts.” “The fact that Judge is suspending Jamie from office and reopening the court in November, when he says he will end it all together, is a great victory for Britney after years of fighting to regain power in this area of ​​her life.”

Mathew Rosengart
New Britney Spears Attorney Mathew Rosengart has left the Stanley Mosk Courthouse to pursue a case of pop music in Los Angeles. Spears licensed by a judge to register an independent lawyer Britney Spears, Los Angeles, United States – 14 Jul 2021 (Shutterstock)

As fans may know, Britney’s conservatorship has been known for the past few years without any progress. However, it did not happen until the hearing on July 14 when the singer asked to remove his father completely – and said he wanted him. “I’m asking for the court because I want my father to come out as a supervisor,” he said. “I want to blame my father today.” Britney later added, “My lawyer didn’t hit me one time. No, I’m not perfect. I’m not crazy. My family didn’t care at all.”

Krooner appointed a lawyer for “… Baby One More Time” Mathew Rosengart, to present his case. After hearing Wednesday, he he spoke to the crowd outside of the court, confirming that the court date of November 12 has been set to announce the termination of the employment. “It’s a very good day for justice,” he said. “[Britney’s] very happy. We are all very happy. ”

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