The Buccaneers TE could play against the Brethren in Week 4

Rob Gronkowski had fans who were terrified of the game on Sunday afternoon in the middle of his team, a Tampa Bay trainers, and Los Angeles hosts at the SoFi Court.

Early in the third quarter, the tough Buccaneers at the end of Tampa Bay slammed into Rams linebacker Terrell Lewis.

Gronkowski held on to the ball to receive the 6th round despite facing the game.

After being cared for by teachers and paramedics as he lay in the yard in pain, Gronkowski was helped to get up and walk on his own.

The Bucs continued to finish the run and reduced the Rams to 21-14.

Gronkowski restored the following list when Tampa Bay tried to come back which did not happen. The Rams won 34-24.

During the match, it is not known how much Gronk was injured.

After the game, head coach Bruce Arians said X-Rays of Gronkowski’s ribs were incorrect due to the fracture.

X-Rays of Rob Gronkowski’s ribs were bad for bones, on every trainer Bruce Arians.

X-Rays of Rob Gronkowski’s ribs were bad for bones, on every trainer Bruce Arians.

With no ribs in his ribs, Gronk will likely play in the next game against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium.

Gronkowski season

It has been an exciting season for Gronk.

The solid finish had 16 receivers 184 yards and four TDs in three games.

Like Tom Brady, Gronkowski has been reinvigorated and sends the best figures in his 11 years.

TE also offers you a kind word, as you took part in the Monday Night Competition with Eli & Peyton and said:

“His partner Cam Brate just asked me the other day. He goes, ‘Rob, I have a tough question: Do you watch a movie?’ And I said, ‘No, I don’t. I just run with the boys. If I feel better, I feel better.’ That’s why I don’t watch the movie. I watch the video when the team shows it. And once, I watch the game, as it is now. “

“I’m going to Tom’s because I know Tom looks like I don’t know, 40 hours of video in one week, and I go, ‘Tom, who’s covering me up, and what are they doing?”

A few days later, he explained:

“I watch a lot of video, my boyfriend throws it at me.”

On the ground or out, Gronkowski is the most important player to impress fans with the NFL.

Edited by Henno van Deventer

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