Promoting export, including railways: Major decisions taken by the Union Cabinet

NEW DELHI: The Minister of the Union Wednesday has taken a number of key decisions to allow for exports. It also announced additional features rail change communication.
After a Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union ministers Piyush Loyalty and Anurag Thakur briefed reporters on all the decisions taken.
Minister of Trade and Industry Piyush Goyal also said that India has released more than $ 185 billion in remittances as of September 21, 2021 in the current budget.
The main points made by the Cabinet include:
Export section
* Government Export Credit Guarantee Corp (ECGC) has been established on the stock market list.
* Government will provide additional funding of 4,400 crore to ECGC over the next 5 years from 2021-22. The infusion of 500 crore was completed immediately.
* The ECGC series is due to take place next year.
* Rs 1,650 crore will be included in the National Export Insurance Account (NEIA) scheme.
* The information provided under the ECGC will be expanded to include export companies, especially workers.
* Cabinet approved the operation of the national towers: Nimach- Ratlam and Rajkot-Kanalus
* Nimach-Ratlam railway approval approved at 1,095.88 crore and Rajkot-Kanalus railway at 1,080.58 crore.
* This project is being completed in 4 years.
* The aim is to promote tourism, provide easy connectivity and economic and regional development.
* Union Cabinet also approved the launch of the PM POSHAN program to provide dinner to students in more than 11.2 lakh schools by the government across the country.
* The plot lasts for 5 years and 1,31 lakh crore of Rs will be used.
* The PM POSHAN program will also implement the Midday Meal Scheme.
* The campaign will be run in collaboration with local governments but the main donations will be to the Center.

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