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Japan’s deep love for the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe can be summed up in a few ancient works, which cover a painful story that has been missed.

Orferve (2012 and 2013) and Nakayama Festa (2010) both filled the track, while in 2006 former Deep Impact runners returned home for the third time before being welcomed.

The competition seeks to break this duck, returning to nearly 30 runners in 40 years, and the task this year has been given to two prospects, Chrono Genesis and Deep Alliance.

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Watch the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe of ParisLongchamp sit on Sky Sports Racing on Sunday 3 October at 3pm.

Journalist Naohiro Goda told Sky Sports Games: “Success Arc is now a dream for all owners, educators and breeders.

“The Japanese riders have been trying to win the Arc for almost 40 years now and finish second several times but have not won.

“Arc is a very tough race to win but the Chrono Genesis and Deep Bond are another type of Japanese horse from those who have tried to run in the Arc before.

“Both of them are capable of overcoming obstacles and they are well.

“I hope we have a very good chance on Sunday and they have run the biggest tournament in Japan.”

Chrono Genesis (center, red cup) is beaten in Dubai Sheema Classic by Mishriff
Chrono Genesis (center, red cup) is beaten in Dubai Sheema Classic by Mishriff

Fourth-place winner in the First Division at home, Chrono Genesis reaffirmed his qualifications after being briefly beaten by Juddmonte International’s Mishriff winner at the Dubai Sheema Classic in March.

Deep Bond is set to kick off Sunday’s show as a foreigner, despite a successful Prix Foy win over ParisLongchamp earlier this month.

“Chrono Genesis is the fastest runner in Japan at the moment,” Goda said. “Unfortunately he was slightly beaten by the Mishriff but could not run well at home. I think he was a loser.

“I believe Chrono Genesis is as good as Orfevre and Nakayama Festa. She is a very good mother.

“Chrono Genesis is capable of dealing with any type of genre so I don’t worry about the content of the ParisLongchamp.

Deep Bond launches Prix Foy at ParisLongchamp
Deep Bond launches Prix Foy at ParisLongchamp

“Cristian Demuro [jockey] he said in front of Prix Foy that Deep Bond might need the competition so I believe he was probably 85% eligible. He is now much better off than he was before Prix Foy.

“Deep Bond is a single-speed horse and has a lot of power and can handle problems.”

Chrono Genesis, who shot 10/1 in the race, is the mount Oisin Murphy of Britain.

“Oisin Murphy has come to Japan several times and has done a very good job,” Goda said. “Many educators and owners like to use him.

“I think it’s a very good decision to take Oisin for Chrono Genesis. He’s a leading UK jockey, he knows the track at ParisLongchamp and I think he’ll do a great job on Sunday.”

Oisin Murphy gives his finger to the crowd at Newmarket after defeating Benbatl
Oisin Murphy is popular among Japanese racing fans and will be riding on Chrono Genesis

Other Arc favorites in Japan

Nicholas Godfrey continues to be attracted to Japan and Arc …

While Chrono Genesis and Deep Bond are Arc-trained competitors in Japan, the country has a keen interest elsewhere in the competition – including through the legend of Yutaka Take, his ally. Broome to Aidan O’Brien and owner Masaaki Matsushima, who did not hide his dream of winning Arc and Take in the saddle.

Then there’s the old heroine Snow, trained in Ireland but a late-born Japanese girl, complained about Deep Impact, known as the biggest horse in Japanese athletic history.

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Jamie Lynch of Sky Sports and Martin Kelly discuss whether the falling Oaks star could return to disappointment in Prix Vermeille to win the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe on Sunday.

Japan’s leading journalist Masakazu Takahashi has called for victory in Japan if Ballydoyle wins. “I hope Snowfall success,” he says.

“She’s a Deep Impact girl from the Galileo team, and to me she’s a miracle! Ryan Moore was once asked what was needed in a Japanese competition to stop winning the Arc, and he said ‘Galileo!’

“The fact that Snowfall is the daughter of Deep Impact is very important for Japanese fans, who were disappointed in 2006 when the story was only the third.”

Make no mistake: Arc is still a big job in Japan, although the titles are being changed by foreign opportunities outside of other areas – there could be four Japanese runners in the Breeders’ Cup this year, for example.

“Arc is the cleanest part of Japan – which was started by the parents of Japanese racing leaders like Zenya Yoshida,” explains Japanese’s Kate Hunter, President of Marugai Racing.

“The remaining races have become very popular in Japan and the Arc is considered to be the best competition in the world,” adds’ Keiba Kate ‘, a bilingual representative at the Breeders’ Cup and others and internationally acclaimed for his efforts on behalf of riders. and Japan.

“Because it’s so good, they also want to send their best. That’s why Chrono Genesis is going to the Arc and not the Breeders Cup. They clean up the Breeders’ Cup but Arc is the biggest reward.”

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