Pep Guardiola on Lionel Messi: It is impossible for Man City to lead future Paris-Saint Germain | Football Stories

Pep Guardiola admitted it would have been impossible to lead Lionel Messi to full play after the Argentine helped to drown Manchester City in the Champions League.

The six-time World Player of the Year scored his first goal for Paris Saint-Germain as the French team recovered from their loss in last season’s semifinals with a 2-0 win over Tuesday.

Messi was skeptical before the game but showed his resilience with an impressive goal after 74 minutes of fierce batting at the Parc des Princes, adding to the early beating of Idrissa Gana Gueye.

City boss Guardiola knows exactly what Messi can do for the teams after a successful stint in Barcelona, ​​which also won the Champions League.

“We did with PSG for the first time, but we know it’s impossible to direct Leo for 90 minutes,” Guardiola said.

“He didn’t have much contact with the ball – obviously he was coming back from injury, he needed a little bit of music – but we know very well that when he can run and get close to the ball, he can’t be stopped.

“What we have done is to reduce, as much as we can, these kinds of choices and create opportunities that we can create and be satisfied with is how we played.

“People can’t deny that we were there. We got here, we played our game, but it’s always dangerous when you lose the ball and they can make one, especially with (Marco) Verratti, a special, amazing player, and connect with Neymar and Messi and can run, it’s hard.

“We played a very good game, but we should have scored and we didn’t. That’s why we lost.”

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Manchester City defender Ruben Dias says he did well in the Champions League defeat against Paris Saint-Germain but victory is crucial.

Guardiola added that he was “in love” with Italian midfielder Verratti, but it was undoubtedly Messi who took the lead.

Messi’s first goal for PSG was seventh on 673 for his club and seventh against Manchester City in the Champions League, more than any other player, while the Argentines now have seven goals against teams under Guardiola’s control. , who is also a player.

“I wish him all the best,” said Guardiola of his former Nou Camp star. “If he is happy and happy this time in Paris, I will be happy.”

Sunday 3 October 4:00 pm

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Premier League players Manchester City will have to carry on their own Great Sunday trip to Liverpool league leaders – continue Sky Sports Premier League.

Guardiola confirmed that the recovery at Tuesday’s Paris match would begin immediately, adding: [at Liverpool] on the Sabbath. “

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