Pakistani soldier killed in cross-border fire from Iran: Soldiers | Iran News

‘Terrorists’ attacked a post office in Iran, killing one soldier and wounding another, Pakistani troops said.

A Pakistani soldier has been killed and another wounded in what has been called a “border attack” by Iran.

“Terrorists have seized the Frontier Corps from Iran and small arms throughout the Chukab region, Balochistan,” the Pakistani military said in a statement on Tuesday.

“As a result of the fire, Sepoy Maqbool Shah of Frontier Corps [was killed] while another soldier was wounded. The Iranian authorities involved have been informed of the incident, “he added.

Iranian officials have not responded.

No group has done this.

The attack was held to reopen the border between the two countries on September 20, closing for four months.

The border between Pakistan and Iran is approximately 800km (497 miles) in western Pakistan and eastern Iran and has been a number of locations. security incidents in recent years, especially against the Iranian military.

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