North Korea claims that the device used in the production of hypersonic tests performed the first test

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – North Korea said Wednesday that it had successfully tested a new nuclear weapon, as it continued to increase its military capabilities and pressured Washington and Seoul to negotiate a long-term nuclear war. .

Tuesday’s first missile test was the first of its kind in North Korea to be launched this month and it came shortly before the North Korean delegation called on the United States to oppose Biden’s military intervention in South Korea’s military operations.

A photo published in North Korean newspapers shows a beehive with a curved tip, which looks like a condom rising in the air in the bright orange flames. The Korea Central News Agency has said that the test material for testing the first aircraft met a number of key requirements, including stability and operation and the flight of a “useless warhead.”

The Joint Chiefs of Staff in South Korea have assessed the city’s state of readiness for development and said North Korea will need “a long time” to be able to use it.

The North Korean announcement came a day after South Korean and Japanese troops said they had discovered North Korea firing rifles into the east Sea. The US Indo-Pacific Command has said the event marks the “destruction of illegal (North Korean) weapons”.

In a separate report, KCNA said the North-stamp parliament opened the session on Tuesday and discussed domestic issues such as economic policy and youth education and that the meetings would continue. Some observers have suggested that the north could use the section to deal with the nuclear bombings, but state-run media reports did not specify what was said in Washington and Seoul.

At a ruling party meeting in January, leader Kim Jong Un cited hypersonic glide vehicles, coming from the rocket before reaching the target, in the middle of a series of military missiles. The KCNA described the new weapon as a necessary addition to the country’s “smart” weapons, meaning that the system is being developed to provide nuclear weapons.

The report also said that the experiment confirmed the stability of the oil capsule, and showed more technical expertise in water production and remained ready for many years. And a North Korean worker said North is planning to expand the machine with all its oil-fired arrows.

Liquid fuel tanks are at greater risk than solid fuel equipment because they need to be operated separately and transported to establish their location using vehicles that can be deployed by enemy satellites or other weapons.

Kim Dong-yub, a professor at the University of North Korea Study in Seoul, says North Korea is trying to improve the flow of these weapons.

North Korea last week offered to improve relations with South Korea among other things, apparently returning to its path of mixing with demonstrations and peace weapons to deal with foreign sanctions.

Negotiations on its nuclear weapons program have been strained since February 2019. North Korea has demanded the lifting of US-led sanctions while claiming it has the right to own nuclear weapons. U.S. officials have said that the ban will remain in place until the North intervenes to import nuclear weapons.

Kim Jong Un in a recent statement pledged to bolster his nuclear program as a hindrance to the US His government has now rejected a bid by Biden to resume negotiations without cause, saying Washington should abandon its “bad policies” first, words North Korea uses it to deal with sanctions and US-South Korean weapons that the North sees as a test.

Kim’s sister-in-law arrived in Seoul twice last week, saying her country was ready to resume talks and reconciliation should things ever happen.

Investigators say North Korea is using South Korea’s interest in forcing Seoul to withdraw money from Washington instead of Kim as they try to use their nuclear weapons for economic and security purposes.

North Korea’s military protests could also lead to a family reunion as Kim faces a difficult period of nearly ten years in power, the closure of borders and epidemics are fueling fears over the economic devastation and years of conflict.

Experts say the North will continue its experimental work in the coming months as it continues to push, until China begins to cling to stability ahead of the Beijing Olympics early next year.

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