Magnus Desk a Secretlab is a Magnetic Wonder for Cable Management

I hate wire. Amazing, from someone who writes WIRED. That doesn’t mean I am opponent Ethernet cables – and Wi-Fi dots — I just hate discs with a lot of stuff, which is why wires need to be invisible. One time I was just drilling a hole in my desk just to run the wire from my old keyboard to my PC on the floor instead of filling it up like space.

Unfortunately, I never did all right cable management. Obviously, things were clean and tidy on the top, but the bottom of my desk fits our house Nebuchadnezzar. That’s right Magnus from Secretlab he comes. The company that makes it the best sports seats has made a metal, magnetic device to help hide all the strings. The cable management machine runs on top of the desk and under it.

Sounds like it was made for people like me who talk about this but are a little lazy to walk. And if you’re like me, you know that right now there are Scotch wires on the wall or desk and call it a day (not that I’ve ever done this, no, no). Now I welcome you to a wireless world.

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Easy installation

The easily accessible Secretlab desk starts at $ 499.

Photo: Secretlab

Magnus comes in two boxes, and once you have released whatever you have you may feel like a failure. That’s a lot. Fortunately, Secretlab records every piece of desk, and the instructions included in the conference are clear. It all took me about 30 minutes to make it together. You may need to register a partner even if they weigh 93 pounds.

The table is 59 inches long, which is spacious enough for my PC, ultrawide monitor, and second monitor, along with regular accessories such as speakers and Funko Pops Amiibos. Secretlab calculates the value of its assets at 221 pounds generously.

One of the most important features of this desk is the sewer, as I call it. The back of Magnus is distinguished by a large desktop. A small band that passes behind the desk bends upwards to reveal a large cord control tray. This is where you can hide most of the cables that run from your PC to your devices. Under the desk, you can remove the magnet to find these strings and guide them. Because of this, I did not complain about the cords under the desk near my feet. All strings are invisible and cannot be imagined.

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