Facebook Views Are Seen As ‘Unused’ Assets, A Post Displays

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies at a House Energy and Commerce Committee meeting at the US Capitol in Washington, Thursday, March 25, 2021.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies at a House Energy and Commerce Committee meeting at the US Capitol in Washington, Thursday, March 25, 2021.
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Wall Street Journal Tuesday published the latest its search list “The Facebook files. ”

Internal reports obtained by the Journal reveal that Facebook has set up a special group to educate children and brainstorm ways to earn money. One such document is said to refer to children between the ages of 10 and 12 (“twelve”) as “reliable but untapped audiences.” Another says “showcasing dates” as a way to manage Facebook’s “growth”.

Another paper, dated March 2021, states that Facebook is fighting the “influx of young people around the world” and warns that “access” for young users “appears to be declining.” In the meantime, Facebook expects its young audience to drop by a 45% increase by 2023, according to the Journal.

The profitable Facebook business that it earns gets all its benefits from following where users are; data that they also use to create a complete history of what they are used to advertise “small” and see if it works well. Although government regulations prohibit the harvesting of children under the age of 13, Facebook has for many years been looking for a way to get children to use it as soon as they are old enough to monitor it.

A Facebook article quoted in the Journal states that children “start using the internet at the age of 6 years.” “Just think of Facebook’s youthful activity,” it says.

This week, Facebook said was to halt attempts to launch the “Instagram Kids” app. The announcement followed another Journal report To show that Facebook found out through an internal survey that Instagram affected the health of some of the teens. “We make the body worse in three of the girls,” the study added, noting that some young girls followed their suicidal thoughts on their experiences on the platform. Facebook after he said the next line of this study was misleading, and that this discovery was only applied to “Girls who tell us that they had a problem with the style of music say that using Instagram is very frustrating – not one in three everything girls. ”

The report prompted lawmakers in the Democratic Republic of America to ask CEO Mark Zuckerberg to shut down the Instagram Kids project, saying they believe the program “threatens the health of young people.”

Facebook has criticized the Journal’s actions on Instagram, but has so far refused to allow the survey to be illuminated – and has worked frustration autonomy research in platforms’ internal operations, usually. Nick Clegg, chief business officer, He said at a meeting on Monday that Facebook will release two internal pieces summarizing its findings “in Congress and then in public over the next few days.”

Facebook posts describing children as “important” and “unused” go against the spirit of child labor: Facebook says children under the age of 13 may try to join Facebook and Instagram in any way they lie about their age. Developing a program specifically for children can help protect them by differentiating them from adults online, the company says.

A small Senate committee headed by Sen. Richard Blumenthal will hold a meeting at 10:30 am ET on Thursday to cover the findings of an internal survey that Facebook has not participated in. He is expected to testify with Antigone Davis, Facebook’s chief of security.

“This hearing will expose the Facebook and Instagram killings on young people and others, and is one of the most important questions that can be asked if Big Tech companies are deliberately informing and hiding people,” Blumenthal said.

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