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Ah, great panja. Plants, animals, the secret of the welcome on the open path that is stretched out in front of you. You’ve left it all behind, till… Wait. Where is the map? You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? Where does the camp go? Is it getting dark? Don’t throw yourself out there. Download one of the travel apps to make sure you’re looking where you can find it, whether you have phones or not.

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Every external browser needs AllTrails on their phone. The program operates more than 200,000 routes worldwide – including in Antarctica. Its useful filters allow you to search for roads and hikes, type of events, dog conversations, and much more. If you are moving beyond the cells, drop the to be legitimate ($ 30 a year, or $ 60 for a three-year rent, iOS apps and Android), which allows you to download maps in advance, view your GPS location, and view a map of the route you’ve selected that shows everything from weather to air to illumination. And if you find it really lost, the Lifeline app sends updates to your security system either by the time you have the tapes, or if you do not arrive within the allotted time. Pro members also have no ads, and AllTrails contributes 1% of their revenue from natural non-profits.

Designed for retrospective people, Gaia offers space maps and satellites of any kind outside. Whether you’re on a one-day hike, a hiking trip, a hunting trip, or in the past, the app is built to get you to your destination safely and with as much as you can. There is a free version, but for the more advanced it is best to get the file high membership ($ 40 per year, iOS apps and Android), which allows you to download maps for online use. You will also find predictions for NOAA seasons and areas for choosing secret locations, public places, air, snow, and recent fires. Gaia GPS supports more than 30 languages, from Hindi to Hebrew.

If you travel long distances, Guthook Guides offers some of what you might be looking for. In addition to the seven types of maps – several of which work without internet – tracking GPS, water sources, and more, each guide provides a clear overview, plus photos to make sure you’re in the right place, plus comments left by other Guthook users . You can change family and friends the way you go and find out more about everything from markets to bars. Most interesting for walk-ins, the tips are varied in price depending on the route; map of California The Lost Path refunds you five cents, while all Appalachian method the director spends $ 60.

Most non-mapping tools on Google Maps do not work for large loads, but for a slightly cheaper price, there are some bad choices. Show off a map of the area to get a better view of the areas with the banners, and then download a map of your elevated area for online viewing. Put up signposts along the way and you can find your way through the use of GPS functionality. You can also share your approach with others. It’s not good – but it’s free!

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Hey, is it a poison ointment? Get to know each leaf and each vine along the way Search (free, iOS apps and Android), Shazam would grow up. Which is the highest mountain? Use PeakVisor ($ 5, Terms of Use iOS apps and Android) indicating the name, elevation, and distance of each point in the incremental reality. How is the weather on the road today? See Weather Live (free, iOS apps and Android) to hear more about temperature, humidity, air pressure and temperature, UV and exposure; it also tells you when you get the “golden hour” of the best outdoor selfies.

Walking with a star? Find your way with Spyglass logo ($ 6, iOS apps and Android), which puts measurement tools on your smartphone’s display – including speed, altimeter, inclinometer, optical rangefinder, sextant, calculator, and tracking device for the stars, the sun, and the moon.

That you may have a little peace of mind, Cairn (iOS apps and Android) a place where people have found cell description along the way, so you know the length of the distance to the nearest reliable signal. It’s free to download, but premium features such as offline maps and instant sharing costs $ 5 per month or $ 27 for a full year.

Finally, accidents do happen. Download Red Cross’s first aid software (free, iOS apps and Android) to get a quick fix on everything from earthquake damage to bone fracture.

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