At least 24 people killed in terrorist attacks in Ecuador: Police | Latin America News

An Ecuadorian worker said the system was restored in 24 prisons after he was killed and 42 injured in a series of violent riots.

At least 24 inmates have been killed in a shootout between gunmen and grenades at a Guayaquil prison, according to the Ecuador Prison Office (SNAI), which said at least 42 others were injured in a riot.

Guayas Governor Pablo Arosemena said at a press conference Tuesday outside Litoral Prison that the law had been reinstated. “The presence of the state and the laws must be understood,” he said.

The regional police chief, General Fausto Buenano, said at the rally there were prisoners who had been shot to death and bombed.

President Guillermo Lasso also issued a statement from the prison office, saying the order “has been reinstated in the Littoral Penitentiary after Tuesday’s incident.”

The violence involved firing of guns, knives and explosions and was the result of a dispute between Los Lobos and Los Choneros militants, officials said.

Television footage shows prisoners shooting from prison windows through smoke and gunfire and explosions.

Relatives of inmates are awaiting news outside the Litoral Prison in Guayaquil [Angel DeJesus/AP]

Ecuador’s prison has become a battleground between prisoners linked to Mexican terrorists – especially the Sinaloa and Jalisco New Generation groups.

Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest port city, is one of the best shipments of cocaine from South America to the north, especially to the United States.

Last week, police confiscated two assault rifles, ammunition, about 500 rounds of ammunition, a hand grenade, several knives, two wooden sticks and a craft from one of Guayaquil’s prisons.

Two weeks ago, Guayaquil Prison 4 was seized by drones, which were “a war between the world forces,” prison officials said. There were no casualties in the plot.

Ecuador’s prison has about 60 facilities for 29,000 prisoners but is overcrowded and understaffed.

A national human rights activist said there had been 103 murders in prisons by 2020.

Twenty-seven inmates died in a prison accident in two prisons in July, forcing the government to provide emergency services.

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