Arturia has announced the MiniFuse format for low-cost headsets

Arturia already has a line of radio transmitters. They are well tested. But one thing they are not, it’s cheap. Example starting AudioFuse and $ 699. It is no to a casual dressmaker. But, the company knows that when more people sing, they grow their customers, which is why intervention is important. The MiniFuse line is the answer to those needs.

Three-color sets start at $ 99 per MiniFuse 1. It is essential for new devices with a single XLR and 1/4-inch hardware connector. But it has the same preamp, 110db range, five-year warranty and software package as a whole line. All MiniFuses can also act as USB hubs, so you can connect to the controller via the interface and save another port on your PC. What you lose especially when choosing the cheapest option is MIDI inside and outside ports. You can no longer connect direct monitoring with USB output, you can simply switch between the two.

$ 149 MiniFuse 2 it adds secondary input, MIDI internal and external ports and features integrated interfaces between your direct monitoring and output from your PC. This is useful for recording live words even if for a very short time it is not allowed.

The program of MiniFuse 4 has not yet received a price, and we will not ship until next year. But it has back-to-back inputs, two additional outputs and an extra head cover so that you and the holder can monitor the movement together without filling your recording studio with any noise. If you use good outdoor equipment or often work with a singer this is an important option. Extra and input effects are especially useful for removing words from your computer, using them with external effects and reverting them to your DAW for final integration.

The MiniFuse line comes with a robust software package Ableton Live Down, Analog Lab Intro, bundle of four Arturia FX, Native Instruments Guitar Rig 6 LE is a three-month subscription to Auto-Tune Unlimited by Splice.

The MiniFuse 1 and MiniFuse 2 are available to order now and will begin shipping in November.

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