Amazon is transforming into a security company

The advertising section from Amazon the 2021 major show it was directly related to home security, plus a dangerous disclosure for the day, a $ 1,000 robot that can monitor your home. It is a wheeled tablet, about the size of a small dog, equipped with cameras that allow you to detect disturbances in the home, record video, and send notifications to your phone. It also connects to the Ring, a security device on Amazon, allowing the robot to rotate on its own and carefully monitor home events in the absence of homeowners. The name is Astro. Yes, it has eyes.

Astro was a ticket to an hour-long event that began with children’s toys and health services, and ended with the equipment of a dystopian police station, each smiling in the name of Amazon. There were smart thermostats, a children’s connectivity camera, and Amazon’s Fitbit, followed by Ring Always Home Cam, Ring Alarm Pro, Ring Virtual Security Guard, Blink Video Doorbell and electronic cameras, and finally, Astro, the robot with a magnifying arm. you can paint every inch of your house without using anyone. Add the horror music that is slowly coming up, and the Amazon show was part of the moment Black Glass.


In Amazon’s future vision, homeowners keep an eye on their security cameras, follow the crew and spy on their dogs, relying heavily on Ring’s environment all the time. Astro and the Ring Always Home Cam, an independent security firm on Amazon, are one of the company’s most iconic weapons, dreaming in the scientific lies of robotic butler and AI-powered pets. They move on their own and move directly to the homeowner at any time, enhancing the advanced type of home security created by the cameras next to the Nextdoor thread.

While robots are the face of Amazon’s security businesses, the Ring is the backbone. Ring has been leading the real estate index in the United States since 2018, sales 1.4 million domestic bombs in 2020 alone it is around 18% of the total market. Unfortunately, Amazon has proven to be a very close monitor of the same.

As of 2018, Ring has signed agreements with more than 2,000 police departments Across the U.S., giving regulators access to footage from live cameras, often without a license and depending on what the company did. Mu May and June 2020For example, the Los Angeles Police Department used the Ring environment to request Black Lives Matter screen displays from home cameras, unaware of what was going on. It is a huge flag, according to activists such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Always Call Home Cam


“If the police ask for a few hours for each part of another incident, they will be able to accept the hours of the participants’ security with the clear hope that the camera will work illegally at some point,” he said. EFF said in February. The report added, “Professionalism like the Ring has the potential to provide police with footage of almost every inch. This poses a threat to the original Amendment rights. officials can follow in the footsteps of opponents, all around. “

As the number of police departments affiliated with Amazon has grown, regulators have also risen pushing ring devices on the citizens they serve, using tools the company has developed and mobilizing people to download the Ring’s Neighbors program. Amazon has turned the U.S. police into its advertising agency, and this makes the difference between public safety and corporate loyalty.

On top of tough police relationships, Ring’s environment is filled with unchanging neutrality. A 2019 Study of Women’s box found that people of other races are called “skeptics” in the Neighbors program, something that causes prejudice and extreme alertness, creating an unsafe environment at all.

Come on


Ring has taken steps to address some of these issues, such as changing the wording in the Neighbors program from “suspicious” to “unexpected events.” In addition, the police will no longer send out large e-mails to ring users who may have what they want – instead, there are nearby neighborhoods where they can. request a video in public. Obviously, these are not the answers. The change of voice will not create suspicion or racism in the Neighborhoods program, and it will allow the police to publicly ask them not to prevent them from happening, meaninglessly and with the limits still determined by Amazon, a major commercial company.

“The networks help to alleviate the negative fears of neighboring crime, often providing unparalleled surveillance by indigenous peoples, all in an effort to sell more cameras,” he said. EFF said in June. “The ring does so through police partnerships, which now include 1 in every 10 departments in the United States. At their center, these relationships support a major request for police to provide voice clients with their camera images, built on the Ring Ring’s millions of cameras.” children in public. The EFF strongly opposes the agreement that the police call them and advocates for their destruction. “

As Amazon continues to make the Ring environment, a police partnership exists, it is clear that the company is not only focused on reforming its policies, reducing crime or eliminating discrimination on a daily basis. Amazon is seriously looking to sell ringlead cameras; Amazon is looking at making money. Personally, it does not make me safe.

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